Our data processing bureau is staffed by a highly experienced team who are true data experts. They don’t just process blindly to the brief, they spot anomalies, dig deeper and question logic where necessary.

Using a dedicated Cygnus licence and a full suite of external suppression files managed in house, over the years they have built bespoke and custom scripts to enhance data cleansing and hygiene routines.

Our bureau offers many complimentary benefits to our list buying and just a few examples are:

Complete flexibility and bespoke solutions for each client’s needs including ensuring catchment area adherence, drip feed of client suppressions over monthly campaigns and ensuring supplier data compliance rules are adhered to.

Early identification (and rectification) of any issues with cold data supply.

Checks on ordered versus delivered, e.g. gender or geography (in / out of catchment).

RFV segmentation.

Production of match back analysis file with full gross volumes for true response picture.

FOC data auditing for clear picture of cost effective data cleansing including goneaway tracking.

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