uSwitchForBusiness’s aim is to take the hassle out of comparing business utilities, to leave their customers with more time to get on with the day-to-day running of their business, not to mention more money to spend on the things their business really needs.

RDA Media’s key task was to get the uSwitchForBusiness brand out to as many key energy supply decision makers as possible with a net result of increased sales via their website.

RDA Media Approach

We identified the key business sectors to be targeted by two and four digit SIC code. Further we identified the reason behind the historic conversion by sector, for example high energy consumption due to employee size or business function etc.

Drilling further down, we established that over 91% of converted businesses comprised just one site. We established the key correlation between communication date and likelihood to convert being either fiscal or calendar year in line with business start up date and likely renewal date for energy supply.

Our clearly defined approach to testing media providers against each other within agreed comparable and statistically robust KPIs, allowed us to establish the best performers in terms of the most appropriate business leads, accuracy and targeting. The inclusion of multi channel approaches (telephone and postal as well as email) within a favourably priced annual licence agreement means we have successfully expanded the brief to a multi channel acquisition strategy allowing broad market coverage and niche sector specific targeting optimised under the core uSwitchForBusiness proposition.

We have planned trade press titles based on analysis of the optimum target business types and also evaluated the best sources of new business start ups as well as sourcing email, postal and telephone leads. A CPA option was also negotiated with key suppliers allowing for marketing spend to be allocated only at conversion.


Given the range of sources identified and the variable costing basis for press versus direct channels, we applied a variable acceptable ROI threshold which means activity can be evaluated at the channel and source level with skews identified and managed. For example, a higher cost outbound approach yields a higher conversion but a press ad generating lower response benefits from economies of scale and so ROI is acceptable for the client ultimately and future planning is simplified.

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