The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust


WWT has ten sites throughout the UK and carries out its invaluable conservation work both in the UK and abroad. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre (WWT) Slimbridge is often referred to as the birthplace of modern conservation. Their founder, Sir Peter Scott, is widely remembered as one of the fathers of modern conservation.

As a membership organisation it is vital for WWT to understand who its members are, how to keep them engaged and how to find more of them. With little in the way of existing understanding of their members, RDA Media was tasked with carrying out analysis which could be used across the organisation by a variety of stakeholders and ultimately to be used ongoing for media planning to drive memberships.

RDA Media Approach

At RDA Media we approached the sizeable task by breaking it down into manageable chunks, so that at each stage we could work closely with WWT to ensure all the various stakeholders were ‘taken along’ with us on the journey. Our approach can be summarised as follows:

WWT Case Study Flow Chart


We took WWT from having very little information on what their members looked like or even where they came from, to a point where we were able to provide very granular details which could also be summarised at the higher level. For example, we were able to show exactly what WWT Family Members looked like and how far they travelled for all WWT sites and we could also drill down to show for each site a detailed profile and pen portrait of members highlighting the differences in family, financial and lifestyle composition for each of their sites along with detailed drive times. This was used to conduct robust market penetration analysis and therefore, we could accurately size the opportunity for acquiring new members.

Ongoing Campaigns

The analysis is being used across multiple sites and driving successful campaigns, with the main users being Slimbridge, London Wetlands Centre (LWC), Martin Mere and Arundel. For each we have carried out door drops and outdoor campaigns including bus, train, roadside and tube advertising for LWC.

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