Simplyhealth has over 140 years of history in the healthcare market, their mission has always been to provide people with affordable healthcare, whatever the financial climate.

They’re committed to mutual values and supporting communities. With no shareholders they only invest their profits into running the business and helping worthwhile causes

Simplyhealth came to RDA Media with a clear brief to take the organisation’s focus away from over reliance on inserts and to understand the potential to target new prospects via direct mail to the most appropriate audience(s).

Simplyhealth have two core products – Dental Plan and Cash Plan. It was hypothesised that both had different audiences and motivations and would require different targeting methodologies and creative approaches.

RDA Media Approach

The core task identified was to initially define and, subsequently size appropriate audiences for these Simplyhealth products. Further benefits of the initial profiling exercise were to identify differences between the two audiences to act as triggers to be included in creative approach.

RDA Media identified 7 key segments for analysis and subsequently, created 7 individual profiles:

The profiles were summarised and pen portraits were produced to ensure the information uncovered was brought to life in a meaningful and relevant way.

Many common member characteristics were identified; critically however, subtle differences evident between Cash Plan and Dental Plan members and between those acquired through inserts and direct mail were also established.

The process of customer analysis and definition and sizing of key prospect audiences enabled us to put a powerful case together to commence direct mail acquisition.

All customers  
Product = Cash Plan
Product = Dental Plan
Recruitment Channel = Direct Mail
Recruitment Channel = Inserts
Recruitment Channel = Direct Mail and product is Cash Plan
Recruitment Channel = Direct Mail and product is Dental Plan


Initially, a Cash Plan customer model was tested which worked well and subsequently the Cash Plan model has had an age post selection applied following responder analysis of the initial campaign and a collective desire to improve targeting by tweaking key elements where possible.

Ongoing Campaigns

The subsequent two campaigns have included a non-modelled selection as a control to prove the modelled selection is working correctly and in both cases, results have been significantly better thanks to the uplift provided by the model which yielded double the level of response versus the control. Simplyhealth are confident in the model and whilst we always recommend rebuilding targeting models to include latest responders prior to each campaign, they do not require the non-modelled control as this is essentially wasting budget and opportunity!

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